Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Brandenburg’s Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Brandenburg has defined a corporate carbon-reduction strategy that expresses our commitment to the present and to the quality of life for generations to follow. In our endeavor to fulfill this commitment, Brandenburg is addressing business objectives from a variety of perspectives that focus specifically on carbon reduction as well as environmental well-being in its entirety. Brandenburg has long been recognized as an early adopter of systems and processes that lower our ecological footprint in a coordinated effort to enhance environmental health. Our carbon-reduction strategy is another building block in our plan to help keep our planet and its inhabitants safe and healthy.

Brandenburg’s multipronged carbon-reduction strategy highlights specific areas of the business where we will continuously improve and adapt. Our four main functional areas and a description of the efforts we are employing to better these areas are described below.

Transportation and Travel

With a fleet of heavy equipment valued in excess of $150 million, the Brandenburg team is methodically replacing this inventory to systematically reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to maintain fleets of vehicles and motorized equipment that embrace hybrid and electric technologies whenever possible

Currently, we are investing in hybrid/electric vehicles, work trucks and skidsteers and replacing excavators, loaders and other miscellaneous equipment with new models equipped with tier 4 engines. As state of the art fossil fuel emission reducing equipment is developed, we will be ready to embrace the new technology within our fleet

We are also changing the way we gather, meet, and learn. We have fully embraced digital learning for employee enrichment and the majority of our meetings have evolved from in-person to online events. We have learned that conversation, interaction, debate, and consensus can all take place just as effectively in virtual settings as they did in the past when participants traveled locally, and nationally, to meet in the same physical location.

Office and Workspace

In each of our regional offices, we are judicious in the use of heat, lights, and appliances. We have installed programmable thermostats that we control based on building usage patterns. Our lighting fixtures are equipped with motion sensors so that electricity is only used when needed, and we only use energy-efficient LED bulbs. We utilize renewable energy sources when capable, such as solar-power security cameras around our offices and project sites around the country.

In addition, we are replacing desktops and laptops with iPads, which reduces energy consumption by roughly 50% per unit every year. As the desktop/laptop computers are retired, they are donated to organizations that can benefit from the use of these products. All other working electronics are donated at the time they are replaced with newer technology to help increase the useful life of each device. Finally, the Brandenburg team is fully committed to recycling all paper products, aluminum cans, and ink cartridges that are used in our work environments.

Partnering with Like-Minded Vendors

We make a point of working with consultants and suppliers that share our passion to create a carbonneutral future. We expect our partners to do more than offer a corporate statement or empty words. We expect to see efforts in action that demonstrate their ongoing activities to address global warming. We prefer, whenever feasible, to work with suppliers and consultants that employ individuals who are registered as LEED-accredited professionals through the U.S. Green Building Council.

A Dedication to Certification

Brandenburg is working to achieve environmental certification through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We will attain this goal by developing an environmental management system as exemplified in the ISO 14001 guideline materials. These documents map out a framework for creating an effective environmental management system. This system is designed to provide assurance to internal and external stakeholders that environmental impact is not only being continuously and effectively measured; but it is also constantly being improved on and implemented across our company’s operations.

Compassion, commitment and courage. These attributes outline Brandenburg’s dedication to a carbonneutral future.

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