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Brandenburg Industrial Service Company is one of the nation’s premier facility decommissioning contractors. Brandenburg provides turnkey services including cleaning, decontamination, disinfection, sanitization, hazardous waste removal and disposal, asbestos abatement, environmental remediation and structure demolition.

Major market segments include Pharmaceutical, Health Care and the Food industry. As such, Brandenburg routinely manages the identification and remediation of biohazards that are known or are suspected to have contaminated facilities.

These hazardous materials include:

Bacteria/ Virus
Microbial waste
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Animal waste

The contaminant and its location and accessibility will determine the specific cleaning approach.

Brandenburg participates in preparation, training, and awareness for hazardous waste management. Services include consultation, specialized equipment, skilled labor, and expert engineering.

Brandenburg’s dedication to safety is unparalleled. Personnel are trained in all aspects of health and safety including OSHA 1910.120 hazardous waste operations and emergency response training.

Brandenburg is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and our customers. We are the first demolition contractor to successfully complete OSHA’s Challenge Program and to be certi­fied as a Star Member in OSHA’s prestigious Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Star Member designation is the highest level of recognition. We maintain a staff of fifteen safety professionals with backgrounds in civil engineering, industrial hygiene, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, and power generation. Our staff includes Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygienists including Certified Safety Professionals, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Health and Safety Technicians, Special Government Employees, OSHA Construction Outreach Trainers, and former OSHA Compliance Officers. Brandenburg promotes safe work practices through the use of an employee behavior-based safety program, intensive and continued worker training, and strict enforcement of the written safety program.

Significant projects include the decontamination and demolition of the 300,000 sf Pfizer/ Wyeth West Chester, Pa. Penicillin Plant and the decontamination of Merck’s Cedax facilities in Puerto Rico and Miami Lakes Florida.

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