Zion Turbine Building


Project Info:

Brandenburg was contracted to perform the demolition of Units 1 and 2 of the former nuclear power generating station that was permanently shut down in 1998.

Brandenburg started the project with performing asbestos abatement. We continued the project with selective removal of radiological contaminated equipment and the removal of
multiple PCB transformers. Complete demolition of the Turbine building, service buildings and TSC building was performed. Brandenburg finished the job by removing
concrete and backfilling the turbine building basement.Brandenburg was able to recycle over 20,000 tons of steel and over 30,000 cubic yards of concrete which was used for

The contract was completed utilizing over 70,000 man-hours and put Zion ahead of their 10-year decommissioning schedule. A crew of 6 safety officers ensured that the job was
finished without incident. Brandenburg was recognized by the customer on many occasions for the safety practices of all crew members. The Zion Turbine site, located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, was returned to greenfield.


Zion, Illinois

Scope Of Work:

and disposal of all asbestos-containing material
Site Preparation
Assessment and testing for waste determination
Selective removal of radiological contaminated equipment
Removal of multiple PCB transformers
Demolition of Turbine building and service buildings
Concrete removal to -3' below grade and backfill